IMO the hardest part about teaching digital humanities stuff isn't necessarily the "big tools" stuff, or Python, or whatever. It's the little CLI things. Like:

"hey, do all these XML files use the TaxonX DTD? okay, the DTD is on the second line"

for i in `find . -iname '*.xml'`
head -n 2 $i | tail -n 1 | grep -v TaxonX

"okay, no output, all good"

I do that kind of crap multiple times a day w/o Googling, it saves *weeks* of my life, and I have *no* idea how to teach it to students.


@pence I teach a "computational background skills" bootcamp-style course to try and address these things. Not clear yet how successful it is in the long term, but it certainly makes the first few classes of other DH courses easier. Recent curriculum here:

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@tla Six full days! That looks incredible. Bookmarked, thanks for sharing!

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