As a lawyer who has handled quite a lot of IP issues, I understand the legal basis for this.

As a human being who detests THE, this is THE most THE Ohio State University thing conceivable.

I need to start looking for a new car but... I refuse to buy one with the absurd giant grilles so many have now. It's ridiculous.

The funny (?) thing about this quote from Justice Thomas, who is a moron when it comes to legal interpretation and one of the weakest minds in the Court's history, is that the Second Amendment carries an express qualification related to the militia (collective defense) and is silent about individual safety. The Second is infinitely more qualified than the First or the Fifth, which the Court has been happy to eviscerate.

The Supreme Court is happy to EXPAND the right to carry a tool to kill other people but will (probably) RESTRICT or eliminate the right of a woman to govern her own body. It's almost like conservatism is about self-reinforcing power structures that oppress disfavored groups.

I only mention this because there's going to be a lot of stuff in the next week or so that will undermine the basics of our society. A court is going to TAKE AWAY A RIGHT, and the response is not to fcking protest. Not ONLY to protest.

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It's called an antiwar song, but the war is a backdrop for criticism of weak responses by both "bureaucrats" and protesters, whose protest songs look absurd against industrial-scale war.

Which they are.

I mean, sure, fine, protest is a thing. But when you get to my age and see how little earnest white people protesting things have actually accomplished, it's disheartening.

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"White People for Peace" by Against Me! is probably the most effective antiwar song I've heard in my life. I can't remember when I first heard it (it's been around since 2007ish), but it's a vicious indictment of the ineffectiveness of protest against people willing to commit systemic violence.

CW: Spoilers 

When I saw the High Republic was set "long before the events of the films" ... and it was like 200 years before, I laughed. That's barely a sneeze in the timeline.

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Kenobi wasn't great television, but it was, by the historical standards of the medium and the Star Wars universe, very, very good television, something that advanced the plot in a compelling way.

But, lord, can we please go back to the Old Republic era? Something completely different?

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It makes me wonder about Ben's final battle with Maul, for whom he showed far more compassion--and, frankly, practicality--by hanging around until the worthy opponent died.

It also makes Ben's final sacrifice a little strange. Clearly Qui-gon has taught him about becoming a Force ghost, but is his sacrifice a mercy to Anakin, starting him on the path of feeling unfulfilled in his power, or a taunt?

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Honestly, you’d think old Ben Kenobi would’ve known not to walk away from a critically injured Anakin Skywalker after the last time. But the hubris of the Jedi knows no limits.

CW: Cryptocurrency nonsense 

Without addressing the merits, the primary objection of the advocacy group here--that gaining insight into one crypto transaction could uncover an individual's entire financial history--strikes me as a horrifying weakness in crypto overall, compared to the pleasing anonymity of cash.

I’m all for the presumption of innocence but every white middle-aged man who drives a personal pickup truck as a primary vehicle should be on a terrorism watchlist.

It's difficult to describe my loathing of the suburbs without it sounding like hyperbole. I'm not talking about affordable areas beyond the city center. I'm talking about *communities* specifically built decades ago to flee the city center (which means brown people).

Every single one of them talks about how fantastic they are, but everything is more inconvenient and not as good. No wonder they're angry so much of the time.

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Ah yes, suburban Volvo mom tailgating, running stop signs in the residential neighborhood, giving the finger out her window, and pounding on a steering wheel ... with the GOOD VIBES ONLY sticker on her rear window. I know your kind well.

I'm generally pretty understanding of language changes but THIS IS NOT A SELFIE.

(From an NBC article about adult content creators.)

I look at what comes out of my lint trap and I genuinely wonder how I have clothes.

When you spin up a VM and its the wrong VM

From an article about terminal emulators:

"yakuake is inspired by a game called Quake from the 70s."

We've hit that point where the 90s are simply "the past".

Currently experiencing a suburbanite thing (I don't want to be more specific) that was pitched as SO MUCH BETTER. It turns out that, like most things suburbanite, it is more expensive, worse, and has a horrible associated traffic penalty. No wonder people out in the suburbs are so angry all the time.

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