Do you have any suggestions for Good or bad feedback? Let us know! 🙂

@trumpet Hello.

My feedback is very positive, is a great place, I love this short link ( very creative and practical.

Congratulations on the work and thanks for keeping this instance.

@pekman Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated 🙂

@trumpet it's not a bad of an instance! i love the domain name.

my suggestion for the instance is to have more custom emojis, such as the emojis on it would be great!

@Ziad We've added a batch of custom emoji to get you started. We'll add more soon!

@trumpet i also would like for this instance to have custom themes. i don't know about examples though... :\

@Ziad Themes would be great but we could only really do it if they were available for download or developed by the community. Unfortunately we don't have time to design any ourselves!

@trumpet it's alright. i can wait for any theme to be released on here.


why are You wasting

money / energy / time


what are You offering ,

that we aLready do not have


by the way :

nice domain !

: )

@7 We are enthusiastic about open source and keen to run a well-maintained, performance focused, up to date and fairly moderated instance. And all with a nice, catchy domain name. What’s not to like? 😜

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Hello! This is, a general-purpose, predominantly English-speaking instance. We're enthusiastic about Mastodon, and want to make this instance special. We've settled on a nice, short domain name, keep up-to-date with the latest Mastodon updates and features and want to make an easygoing and fun place to interact with other Mastodon users.