HELLO EVERYONE. We've just upgraded to Mastodon v3.1.3!


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@artilectzed Yes, it does appear this caused a number of issues. Fixed now!

@trumpet Having issues with image attachments, as well as federation not working since the update :pensive_party_blob:

@vampyre It seems to have stopped a lot of things working, including the ability of people to alert me to the fact! Sorted now!

@trumpet I've washed my hands three times but the Federation Timeline has not come back. Should I wash them one more time, will that make it happen?

@pixel8 Apologies, the v3.1.3 upgrade seemed to have worked, but caused a number of issues. Fixed now!

@trumpet @pixel8 Looks like the federated timeline is still 8 or so hours behind :(

@trumpet @pixel8 Now it's showing posts from 7 hours ago, so I guess it's just catching up? 🤞

@artilectzed @pixel8 Assuming content has been received but not processed, I expect it should work through the backlog. Fingers crossed!

It was fun watching the federated timeline blast through at 100mph for a while.

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