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@trumpet Where can I join the developer center for Mastodon? I am trying to run mastodon locally on a Mac but having trouble running it.

@zaheer When I first started an instance I used the guides, and also there's a Discourse forum here:

@pewanon Sorry for delayed reply, I didn't see this! Try looking at the federated timeline, which includes toots from lots of different instances. Or search hashtags of things you're interested in.

@trumpet what's the best free app for Mastodon on iOS?

@kibsquib48 Personally I use Toot! which is a little quirky but works well, particularly with multiple accounts:

Hey there, @[email protected] I just started my instance of Misskey and hoping that I could join your relay. 🎉🎉

@trumpet Hello sir, i'm new to so pardon me if i dont know sth but may i ask why is mas' certificate is lost all the time. I'm using Kaspersky Internet and it block my connection to mas all the time

@trumpet no sir, here is a log of the block: This happens alongside with FF reporting "You are not in a secure connection"

@thiendt2001 Sorry for delay in replying! It looks like we've ended up on a few web reputation sites, we were on 4 and I've got that down to 2 so far, still working on it:

@trumpet thanks for the update, i'm going to stick to the tusky app till that's fixed then.

@trumpet Am I allowed to set up automatic cross-posting from Twitter to my account?

I did it, but was correctly pointed to the instance rules which prohibited it.

So I now removed cross-posting, and was about to toot about it, referring to the rules.

But now I cannot find the prohibition anymore on the page you link above :)

So has this changed maybe?

Thankyou for the nice service!

@timorantalaiho Hello! I removed the rule prohibiting cross posting yesterday. I think given the current circumstances it's okay for that rule to be relaxed ☺️

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