Regrettably we've had to deal with several instances of racist content over the last 24 hours.

We remind our users that we have a zero tolerance policy on racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia on this instance, in accordance with our instance rules.

Like many other Mastodon instances is paid for and run by private individuals. We do not owe any user a platform, and will actively remove any user who believes they can post racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic content here.

gente somos pollo más los q son fakes yo digo q corramos

@trumpet grateful that it is a social network free of intolerant people, we pro-lgbt needed this

@trumpet That's what happens when a viral tweet invites hundreds of Twitter users to come in our instance, who may not understand our culture.

@trumpet Well, this instance definitely isn't for edgy teenagers who want to make offensive jokes.

@trumpet So I think except those we will get along fine.

(I've been on this instance since August 2019, and have been using Mastodon since 2018, so I am more experienced with this awesome world. Maybe these kinds of users could be like mentors for them.)

@mayhair @trumpet @mayhair @trumpet Yes, although it's quite probable that this kind of rebel teenagers would accept a mentor as easily as they do with their father's instructions 😅.

Maybe I've missed something, but till now all I've seen is a small group of Argentinian buddies flooding the instance with private jokes, and sending insults one to the others. Would you have a link to the racist tainted Toots?

@trumpet Hey, this is unrelated but since I don't understand Spanish and there have been a lot of Spanish speaking people coming here recently, I've been trying to filter the languages but it isn't working for me. Is this some sort of bug?

@trumpet We stand with you in this! We do not tolerate this kinda behaviour.

@trumpet Oh no, how horrible considering whats going on this is the worst time to hear about racism.

@qub Temporarily, yes. We’re working hard to address some performance issues.

@trumpet when wanna add a verified system on accounts?

Could you show some of the removed comments that are offensive to you and breaking the rules. Or maybe all of them so one can get an idea?

@JesusGod_Pope666 Instance rules are here:

Moderators apply their interpretation of these rules to posts that are flagged for moderation.

Moderation decisions are final.

@trumpet so i can't say homosexuality, transvestit, man in woman clothing or woman in men clothing is an abomination?

@JesusGod_Pope666 No, I'd really advise against saying any of those things if you want to keep your account.

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