@trumpet Hey man, how does caching of a federated Mastodon instance work?

Asking because when I view a certain account hosted on @social.tchnics.de, on mas.to I see Toots up to 14th February, on mastoton.social I see most recent Toots (from yesterday).

Is it refreshed automatically at some point?

@ml Certainly my understanding is that when you view an account on this or any other instance it should load that content fresh.

@trumpet Maybe if I give you an example:


(Using advanced view, if that's somehow relevant)


@ml If I go to toots and replies instead of just toots it shows current content! Interesting. So the content is there, just not showing under toots.

@trumpet Yes, and the picture is old as well.

@ml Honestly I’m not sure, maybe one of the developers of Mastodon could shed some light on it! Not sure if it’s a bug or just depends which of that user’s posts have been previously viewed by a user on this instance. As toots and replies shows everything it’s clear the connection between this instance and that one are okay,

@trumpet Ok, so the picture seems to be fixed. Did you do that or is this just a coincidence?


@ml I refreshed the profile manually didn’t seem to change the toots shown though.

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