Hello everyone! I hope you're having a nice day. I'm having a nice day. And the fediverse is having a nice day!

And guess what? Mastodon v3.2.1 has been released! And we've upgraded to it already!

More details here:

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Probs with video/audio uploads with limited bandwidth for no apparent reason?!
Just asking.......


@richief Are they particularly large files? Any particular file types? I've tried a few pics and short videos and no issues here.

@trumpet Perhaps, since I saw nothing related to it, you should add a category, writing, or books and publishing. I know hundreds of authors who still feel left out on social media.

@rlbeers You could use hashtags to help you connect with other people interested in those things. There aren't categories as such in Mastodon, if you think there should be you can raise a feature request at the developers' Github:

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