@azn If you dislike our rules or moderation style many other instances are available and migration of your account to another one is a simple process.

@trumpet hello, thank you for understanding and polite reaching towards me. I will never encourage people to kill another people even if they deserve it by all means. Yet i suppose your advice is right and migrating to another server will be my best move.

Sorry if caused you trouble and will try to sort it out by saturday.

Wish you all the best.

@trumpet just one thing, if i recall it "supporting canada" with "church burnings" removed but with the image it should be ok, right? Than photo j7st shows the situation in canada in a brief.

If that's ok please just remove "church burnings" from my post if you can do that. It is really not my point to be offensive for no reason but i do not think fredom of speech should be restricted.

@azn I think that would be less problematic. You can redraft posts on Mastodon.

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