@mmo I see you've added some rules to your instance. You should be able to join the relay now!

@ml I refreshed the profile manually didn’t seem to change the toots shown though.

@ml Honestly I’m not sure, maybe one of the developers of Mastodon could shed some light on it! Not sure if it’s a bug or just depends which of that user’s posts have been previously viewed by a user on this instance. As toots and replies shows everything it’s clear the connection between this instance and that one are okay,

@ml If I go to toots and replies instead of just toots it shows current content! Interesting. So the content is there, just not showing under toots.

@ml If you don’t mind sharing the account name I can have a look?

@ml Certainly my understanding is that when you view an account on this or any other instance it should load that content fresh.

@ml Strange! I'd have to look into that. No reason that I know of why you'd see older toots.

@admin Yep, looks okay to me. I've approved your instance so try adding the relay now.

@admin Are your instance rules compliant with the notes on that link?

Hello everyone! We've upgraded the instance to Mastodon v3.2.0. More details here:


There's an issue with playback of audio files that was introduced in v3.2.0rc1 which does have a workaround, but which we've not successfully implemented. We'll get this fixed as soon as we can.

Hello my little friends! Today we have upgraded to Mastodon v3.2.0rc2, and that's got to be a good thing, right?

More info here:


Toot toot!

@pewanon Sorry for delayed reply, I didn't see this! Try looking at the federated timeline, which includes toots from lots of different instances. Or search hashtags of things you're interested in.

@chang There are lots of custom emoji already available on this instance, they all use shortcodes (name of the emoji with a : before and after. If you want to add one to your display name you just need to add that shortcode in your account preferences.


Hello there! We've upgraded to Mastodon version 3.2.0rc1. More details here:


@xispito7 We're quite happy to cover the costs ourselves but of course even small donations are welcome.

Hi everyone! We've updated to Mastodon v3.1.5:


As always thanks to Eugen and the rest of the Mastodon development team for all their hard work 🙂

@naia (I read 1. as referring to speed of reports getting to our instance. I think you meant how quickly they’re actioned. We tend to get to them within an hour or two, usually quicker. We have fairly good round the clock moderation coverage but there can be gaps.)

@naia We try to moderate fairly but won’t hesitate to suspend users where required. There are some occasions where our first moderation action isn’t quite enough (it’s all subjective and depends on the evidence we see) but those should be few and far between.

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