Hello everyone! It's the 1st of June and time to do something we haven't done in a while...

This instance has always been and always will be free to use. It's run by a private individual and paid for out of their own pocket.

mas.to currently costs around GBP80/month to run.

If you'd like to donate (and please, only donate if you want to and can afford it), details are here:

Thank you! 🙂

@beitmenotyou Hi there, sorry for slow reply as I didn't get a notification for this. I don't personally mind RSS auto posts from your blog as long as they're not excessive. Where an account is spamming the timeline we'd consider limiting the account, but that's usually only done for spam accounts or overactive bots!

Hello! It's Monday, it's 10:53am UK time, and we've just upgraded to Mastodon v3.4.0. More info here:


What a great start to the week! 🙂

@lgwapnitsky Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on holiday last week. We don't actively support the relay, it's produced by a third party with limited updates. We receive lots of requests and have only had issues raised by yourself and one other instance. We've updated our instance to v3.4.0rc2 today, always possible that might help fix it...

Hi everyone! We've upgraded to Mastodon v3.4.0rc2. More information here:


I love the smell of upgrades in the morning...

@10 Remarkably lucky I saw this as I'm actually on holiday right now 😜 Plenty of users about, try the local timeline for other users on mas.to, or the federated timeline for other users around the fediverse!

@lgwapnitsky Really strange, I don't understand this at all. Both mas.to and mastodon.scot are running vanilla installs of Mastodon and the Pleroma Relay for relaying. Not hearing of issues from anyone else so wonder if it's maybe some sort of routing issue?

@lgwapnitsky Did mastodon.scot work? At least one other instance has successfully joined the mas.to relay since you tried so it definitely seems to be working as expected. Could it be something odd going on with your instance?

@lgwapnitsky If that's still not working try adding the relay at mastodon.scot and let me know if that works. I've pre-approved your instance on the relay there.

@lgwapnitsky Just to confirm, you've added it using exactly this URL:

relay.mas.to/inbox (with https:// prefix)

@lgwapnitsky Your instance is definitely on the approval list as 'toot.wapnitsky.com', so there shouldn't be anything stopping it from joining.

@lgwapnitsky Hello! Did you add the relay after I added it to the approved list? If not the try deleting and re-adding.

@lgwapnitsky Fab, thank you! I've added you to the approval list so you should be able to add the relay now.

@lgwapnitsky We do only ask for the one very short statement as per our relay requirements.

@lgwapnitsky No probs! We do ask that single-user instances do it too. It only takes one person to say 'yes I'm honestly very nice!' and then turn out to be the exact opposite 😛

@lgwapnitsky Hello! We ask that all instances using our relay meet our relay requirements, they're documented here: mas.to/about/more#Relay

Hey there, no we're not worried about the content of you instance!

We've added it to the approval list, you should be able to add the relay now 🙂

@stux @TonyStark Not sure @Gargron@mastodon.social @Gargron@mastodon.online is keen on it though, looks like the development view is we just stick to reactively blocking IP addresses after the fact, which is a pain in the neck.

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