@[email protected] You were reported and no action was taken, so I don’t know what your problem is. Also, we don’t block Tor.

@afshin Hi there, sorry I missed this. You can delete and re-draft toots, which is effectively the same.

@realcaseyrollins @dsfgs I've checked and only one account on activism.openworlds.info is limited. That means it's hidden from our federated timeline but the account can still be viewed. This was actioned due to a report a few months back.

@rfyozer Oh, I've just read your previous post! No you wouldn't be banned!

@rfyozer When you say 'broken programs'....? 😛

@MartaMicale93 @KNTRO @rodti Esta instancia es administrada y pagada por particulares, y brindamos el servicio con la condición de que los usuarios cumplan con nuestras reglas. si no desea obedecer estas reglas, su cuenta será moderada, lo que puede (y lo hará en este caso) resultar en la suspensión de la cuenta.


@25kV Very odd! Do you know your IP address when on mobile?

@25kV That's odd! I take it when you're on mobile you can connect to mas.to, but not post media?

@coco_nz Sure, if you want to delete your @[email protected] account I can do that for you, just confirm and I'll get right on it.

@coco_nz You know you're also signed up to my other instance (mastodon.scot) as @[email protected]? I suspect you've created an account there, then created one here too by mistake. Are you using an app?

@phocks Looks like there’s a bug in the current build of Mastodon. I’ve applied this fix which will hopefully fix it!


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