@duy Hah! No you're right. I received a notification that GitHub has updated and didn't check the date stamp. Something odd must have happened on GitHub...

@florian Oops, I think there was a typo in your instance URL when I added it to the approval list. Try deleting/re-adding again!

@florian Nope, you should be on the approval list already. Try removing the relay, then re-adding it.

@florian Thanks for letting me know! You'd only really need to let us know if you removed the references to sexism, racism, transphobia or homophobia. If an instance using our relay removed those terms then we'd have to reconsider their use of our relay, but you're good for now! 🙂

@ernmander I have to acknowledge the dedication of our moderators @duy and @KNTRO in keeping things running here! 🙂

@gubi Thanks for letting us know! We suspended them yesterday, we have zero tolerance for that sort of content.

@azn I think that would be less problematic. You can redraft posts on Mastodon.

@azn If you dislike our rules or moderation style many other instances are available and migration of your account to another one is a simple process.

@azn mas.to is run by and moderated by volunteers. Moderation is done on a best efforts basis, and as per the rules of this instance moderation decisions are final. I've read the article and understand your argument, but I still believe the wording 'supporting church burnings' could be taken out of context and is potentially inflammatory. I'm marking this post as sensitive for the time being. The warning stands.

Hello folks! @frederic has asked if any of our users would like to help with a Mastodon survey they're carrying out.

Frédéric says "the survey is in english, no sensitive datas are collected and the informations will be used for research purposes only."

If you'd like to help, the survey is here:


Hello everyone! It's the 1st of June and time to do something we haven't done in a while...

This instance has always been and always will be free to use. It's run by a private individual and paid for out of their own pocket.

mas.to currently costs around GBP80/month to run.

If you'd like to donate (and please, only donate if you want to and can afford it), details are here:

Thank you! 🙂

@beitmenotyou Hi there, sorry for slow reply as I didn't get a notification for this. I don't personally mind RSS auto posts from your blog as long as they're not excessive. Where an account is spamming the timeline we'd consider limiting the account, but that's usually only done for spam accounts or overactive bots!

Hello! It's Monday, it's 10:53am UK time, and we've just upgraded to Mastodon v3.4.0. More info here:


What a great start to the week! 🙂

@lgwapnitsky Sorry for the delayed reply, I was on holiday last week. We don't actively support the relay, it's produced by a third party with limited updates. We receive lots of requests and have only had issues raised by yourself and one other instance. We've updated our instance to v3.4.0rc2 today, always possible that might help fix it...

Hi everyone! We've upgraded to Mastodon v3.4.0rc2. More information here:


I love the smell of upgrades in the morning...

@10 Remarkably lucky I saw this as I'm actually on holiday right now 😜 Plenty of users about, try the local timeline for other users on mas.to, or the federated timeline for other users around the fediverse!

@lgwapnitsky Really strange, I don't understand this at all. Both mas.to and mastodon.scot are running vanilla installs of Mastodon and the Pleroma Relay for relaying. Not hearing of issues from anyone else so wonder if it's maybe some sort of routing issue?

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