@blueplanetslittlehelper If you could tell me an instance where this functionality seems to exist let me know and I’ll have a look into it ☺️

@blueplanetslittlehelper Ah yes I see what you mean now. I’m not aware of an option that would hide your own boosts from your timeline. We run a standard build of Mastodon, I wonder if those ‘other instances’ that can hide them are running a fork of Mastodon, like glitch-soc?

@blueplanetslittlehelper That link didn’t work for me so I can’t see what you were trying to show me, but I wonder if the ‘group boosts in timeline’ setting in your profile (under ‘other’ might do what you want?

@lumi I've just added your instance to the approval list. You should be able to add the relay now.

@david I've added your relay to the approval list. You should be able to add it now.

@wowaname @Aeldor We clearly have very different viewpoints but I'm happy to respect yours. Might not call yours 'irresponsible' though even if I think it is, and certainly won't infer anything about your character, because that's not my style.

@wowaname @Aeldor But ultimately you're allowed to run your instance they way you want and I run mine the way I want. Maybe our instances will just continue to run along nicely without any problems, eh?

@wowaname @Aeldor Totally. That's why I consider an instance suspension a last resort, but at the same time if I feel an instance has crossed a red line It's something I'll do if I feel necessary.

@wowaname @Aeldor I take time to consider each block on its own merits. I don't like doing it and it's only when I feel it's justified. But hey I don't tell you how to run your instance, do I? And to say I'm 'not promoting the spirit of federation' is really quite unfair, I try my best to help other instances (for example I run a relay to allow other instances to grow) where I can.

@sherlock_holmes @wowaname @Aeldor There are many others, Gab is just the one that springs to mind. Or the beauty of the fediverse is that (with a little work) you can start your own instance that has exactly the rules (or lack of!) that you like ☺️

@wowaname @Aeldor And in terms of 'our moderation stance' our terms are publicly displayed and users agree to them on signing up, so all we do is enforce those terms as fairly as we can. Like you say, if people don't like it there's no shortage of other instances out there.

@wowaname @Aeldor It's reasonably common for instances to block others that have problematic or incompatible policies to our own. It's certainly not an action that's taken lightly, but in every case it will have been considered and for a very good reason. And no, none of the admins would be contacted beforehand. You're welcome to compare our block list with other large instances.

@Aeldor Let's say for example that someone on the instance says something transphobic and is reported for it. Transphobia is prohibited in our instance rules. That user is more than welcome to say "but I was exercising my freedom of speech" but they have still broken the rules, and will be moderated accordingly.

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