We're going to use the following as our main Bitcoin address from now on.

Don't worry, our other one also works! But we'd prefer to use this one going forward:


We've already had one donation for which we're very grateful!

We provide mas.to as a free service and in the spirit of Mastodon that will never change. We will also always pay for mas.to ourselves, but any contributions are more than welcome!

To avoid spamming for donations we'll only send infrequent reminders of our PayPal and Bitcoin details.

@VikingWilli Of course you're using mastodon.social, not mas.to, so we wouldn't ever ask you for anything 🙂

@VikingWilli We're spending about £65 of our own money each month to run the server and backend storage for mas.to. We run it for free and are always happy to. But if any of our users would like to donate we're more than happy to accept help with the costs!

Thanks for your feedback folks. We're going to run a trial of silencing three of the largest porn instances. This means their posts won't turn up in the federated timeline, but you can still follow and view users on those instances if you like.

(Our current settings on mas.to allow porn on the federated timeline, but obscure the images).

How do you prefer porn to be shown on the federated timeline?

@rhughar Sorry about that, the certificate had renewed automatically but the web server hadn't refreshed.

Oops! We had a minor SSL certificate issue which is now fixed. Apologies for any inconvenience.

EXCITING TIMES! We have upgraded to Mastodon v3.0.0.


Thanks to @Gargron and all the development team for their hard work 🙂

HI EVERYONE. Mastodon v3.0.0rc1 has just been released and we've updated the instance already.


@Mahaer_Mahmud Exceptions to that would be any instances blocked for spam or breach of our instance rules, or that aren't federating properly for some reason.

@Mahaer_Mahmud The simplest way is to follow or interact with someone on that instance. If it wasn't known to mas.to before then we'll automatically federate with it and toots from that instance _should_ then be visible in the federated timeline.

@Mahaer_Mahmud I got that slightly wrong. Fediverse.network reports 2,846 Mastodon instances (I was looking at all ActivityRelay instances) with 2,607 of those active. As we're peered with 2,995 that will be a lot of the 2,607 active, plus some that are no longer active. Pretty good stats!

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Hello! This is mas.to, a general-purpose, predominantly English-speaking instance. We're enthusiastic about Mastodon, and want to make this instance special. We've settled on a nice, short domain name, keep up-to-date with the latest Mastodon updates and features and want to make an easygoing and fun place to interact with other Mastodon users.