@megan Just looking at that, looks like it's having some issues.

@nemo Turned around quicker than I expected, which was nice!

Those of you that caught the announcement earlier will know we were expecting a little downtime today. A faulty disk has been replaced with minimal downtime, everything is back to normal :-) Thanks for your patience folks!

@rlbeers You could use hashtags to help you connect with other people interested in those things. There aren't categories as such in Mastodon, if you think there should be you can raise a feature request at the developers' Github: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon

@richief Are they particularly large files? Any particular file types? I've tried a few pics and short videos and no issues here.

@safeautoson That's okay! ☺️ We only ask for donations from those who feel moved to donate and can afford it!

@lars I've added fulda.social to the approved list. Try adding the relay now ☺️

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a nice day. I'm having a nice day. And the fediverse is having a nice day!

And guess what? Mastodon v3.2.1 has been released! And we've upgraded to it already!

More details here:


@kibsquib48 Sorry just noticed you said 'free'! Not sure but there's a list here: joinmastodon.org/apps

@kibsquib48 Personally I use Toot! which is a little quirky but works well, particularly with multiple accounts: apps.apple.com/gb/app/toot/id1

We've not asked for donations since the first lockdowns earlier this year, as we know a lot of people will be in difficult circumstances, however we've still received several donations since then.

Thanks to everyone who's donated, it means a lot to us!

This instance is and always will be a free service, but anything that helps cover our costs is hugely appreciated. Stay well and stay safe folks! ❤️

@Crystalistaken Hey, sorry I just saw this. Try looking at the local timeline (users on mas.to) or federated timeline (users on many instances, including mas.to).

There's lots of info here too: joinmastodon.org

@eric Thanks! Assuming I've spelled it correctly your instance is now on the approved list. Try adding the relay!

@eric I have to enforce the rules for everyone, even single user instances!

@mmo I see you've added some rules to your instance. You should be able to join the relay now!

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