@25kV Very odd! Do you know your IP address when on mobile?

@25kV That's odd! I take it when you're on mobile you can connect to mas.to, but not post media?

@coco_nz Sure, if you want to delete your @coco@mastodon.scot account I can do that for you, just confirm and I'll get right on it.

@coco_nz You know you're also signed up to my other instance (mastodon.scot) as @coco@mastodon.scot? I suspect you've created an account there, then created one here too by mistake. Are you using an app?

@phocks Looks like there鈥檚 a bug in the current build of Mastodon. I鈥檝e applied this fix which will hopefully fix it!



@dhusch @Gargron Hey @stux, have you seen this guy? (see link above)


@dhusch @Gargron Well that user can fuck all the way off. Very glad we took the action we did.

Out of interest, should it matter whether an instance is 'official' or not?

@rob Hello! We're having some technical issues with the relay at the moment, but I've added you to the approval list. Hopefully you should be able to join although you might get 401 errors afterwards until we fix it.

@camillaengelby Phew! I'm wiped out from swinging the banhammer so much this morning. Quite a few instances defederated. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

@jack Hmm, the relay might be playing up again. It's been quite temperamental recently.

@jack It's usually fairly quick but not always. It's important that it's added _after_ it's put on the approval list, so might be worth removing and adding again.

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