@xispito7 We're quite happy to cover the costs ourselves but of course even small donations are welcome.

Hi everyone! We've updated to Mastodon v3.1.5:


As always thanks to Eugen and the rest of the Mastodon development team for all their hard work 🙂

@naia (I read 1. as referring to speed of reports getting to our instance. I think you meant how quickly they’re actioned. We tend to get to them within an hour or two, usually quicker. We have fairly good round the clock moderation coverage but there can be gaps.)

@naia We try to moderate fairly but won’t hesitate to suspend users where required. There are some occasions where our first moderation action isn’t quite enough (it’s all subjective and depends on the evidence we see) but those should be few and far between.


1. They might be, yes.
2. We received several reports about that user, including some from our own instance. I note that they were initially silenced by one of our moderation team as they only had a few public posts. It wasn’t clear from initial reports that they were spamming via DMs.

mas.to has had a large spike in users over the last few weeks (at one point over 2,000 users in a 24 hour period) and so we’ve scaled up our moderation resource accordingly.

@naia I’m sorry if you feel our moderation policies are in some way lacking, but you are under no obligation to federate with us, nor are we with you. And honestly, you can just say ‘hi’, you don’t need to write up a directive to get our attention.

@naia Hi there. We have an active moderation team who process reports around the clock. Spammers are either silenced or suspended.

“Multiple spammers were reported to your staff team, and thus far they have not been handled.”

I can only see one recent report from your instance in recent memory.

“One such spammer...”

Which might be this one. If multiple users on your instance report a user it shows up once in our moderation queue. Users on our instance also reported them and we have acted.

@xispitomore The Mastodon software does not provide verification functionality and this instance does not have the resources to verify individual users. The :verified: emoji was being used by numerous users to pass themselves off as legitimate businesses (Coca Cola, McDonalds etc) which put the instance at risk of legal action. Because of this the :verified: emoji has been removed.

@JesusGod_Pope666 No, I'd really advise against saying any of those things if you want to keep your account.

@JesusGod_Pope666 Instance rules are here: mas.to/about/more#Instance%20r

Moderators apply their interpretation of these rules to posts that are flagged for moderation.

Moderation decisions are final.

We've made some tweaks to the server to address the performance issues we've been experiencing.

Over the last 24 hours, does mas.to feel:

Hello everyone! We run mas.to as a free service because we love Mastodon and the fediverse, but it costs us money! Once a month we reach out with an appeal to our users for donations to help with our running costs. Even small donations are a great help, and all donations are very much appreciated!

PayPal: paypal.me/mysteryvortex
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@tommy You'd have to ask the developers of Tusky, I don't have anything to do with the app. It speaks to mas.to (or whatever other instance you use it with) in the background.

@sirGalex We’re working on getting the site back to full speed!

@qub Temporarily, yes. We’re working hard to address some performance issues.

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