You should be wary and cautious of dogmatism, groupthink, and logical fallacy ESPECIALLY when it comes from "your own" side.

I have found so many cool new people to follow just in the past 48 hours!

That being said, I am happy to see such a wave of new users!

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It seems there's an influx of people to Mastodon who have come here to complain that it's not exactly Twitter?

If you're not already aware, the Internet Archive (at is an amazing repository of free content, including lots of audio/visual content. I've found tons of music there already and I love it.

If your entire understanding of the world comes from memes, just fuck right off please.

If I were a programmer, I'd focus all my effort on creating a Gtk client that supported E2EE, voice/video and minimizing to tray. The world needs one.

Souls, in the supernatural ghost-in-the-machine sense, do not exist. If your "science" depends on Cartesian dualism, throw it out.

Native clients be like:

Currently supports unencrypted messages. non-goals (won't be worked on) include voice/video, e2ee, and minimizing to tray.

You can have "trust the science" or "science is an oppressive institution." Not both. Also, "trust the science, just not the science we don't like" isn't gonna work either, bro.

Almost everything since 2010 has been an absolute mistake.

Every single opinion that exists in mainstream American culture war discourse is absolutely fucking poisonous.

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