I've been using Riot.im for a few weeks, both the web and the mobile client, and...

...it's a pretty damn solid experience! Finally a well-designed, secure, free as in freedom IM that doesn't suck.

Could you all, you know, ditch Slack, IRC, WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord and move to Matrix? Onegai-shimasu 🙏

#matrix #riot


@codewiz Thanks for introducing me to it! If only I could convince my friends to use it now, lmao

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@tskaalgard That's *the* problem with all new social and communication platforms.

Driving user adoption takes more than just having good code and good infrastructure. You also need a huge marketing budget to make sure your product is visible in the news, and also hire a bunch of designers to make it *look* professional for enterprise decision makers.

But it seems Element (aka Riot) has this covered. Just look at their website and tell me if it's not enterprise ready 😉


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