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Time players (As far as I can tell) use weapons that relate to the people they idolize. Dave idolizes his Bro, Aradia idolizes Troll Indiana Jones, and Caliborn idolizes... himself.

Breath players tend to use whatever is convenient or just whatever's around. John just chose a hammer for no fucking reason, and Tavros wanted to be a cavalreaper so it just made sense.

Doom players... we just don't know enough about them. The only doom player that existed used eye lasers and throwing stars.

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Daily Trivia Thread

#1: During WW2, a Syrian brown bear named Wojtek (Pronounced voy-tek) served in the Polish II Corps. He was mostly a mascot animal, but he did actually "fight" in the Battle of Monte Cassino. (He assisted in moving boxes of ammunition.) He was a Kapral, which was the Polish version of Corporal. After the war, he retired and lived the rest of his natural life in Edinburgh Zoo. In recognition of his feats, the symbol of the Emblem of 22nd Artillery Supply Company was a bear!

damn girl, nice feet,,,, you grow em yourself?

twitter just made it so you can control who replies to your tweets

im sure nothing bad will happen there

finally i can make the funny horse say weed and also hear another voice say they care about me. all on the same site!

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Slur warning 

Was watching jojo with a friend and their translation referred to a character as disabled but mine straight up called them a cripple and I lost it so fucking badly

My really young niece just dubbed a Minecraft Villager her son, before murdering him in cold blood.

me: who needs coffee I run on proper sleep and good vibes :)
also me, at 1 am: vriska is a lesbinans and I have a aheadache

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