I hope Warren continues doing her thing in the Senate and considers running again or helping a younger progressive run in 2024. Shes a good person and I’d just as happy have her and Bernie swap places. She’s a smart economic mind and really seems to care about a lot of the right issues.

Whoever she had running her campaign did a disservice by reeling in her tenacity. She shouldn’t have followed that through. We saw her in full force against Bloomberg. More of that, please.


I was in for her from the beginning, but switched my support over to Bernie as time went on and he became the more clear progressive front runner. Unfortunate that progressives had to choose between the two, but that’s just how primaries work.

I’m guessing right now she’s one of the top spots on the VP short list for Biden. It makes it a weird position for her and for voters. Good on her for being a strong enough person to handle all this crap anyway.

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