It’s wild to see people talking about how we need to have decentralized podcast platforms.

As if that’s not literally what podcasts were until Spotify and other platforms began to buy up and paywall podcast shows.

Hey maybe stop doing that.

@twisterghost Technically, we never have: Apple's hosted the podcast index for free since the early '00s, and still does. You can post a podcast anywhere as long as you have an RSS feed + enclosures, but getting it into most podcast players is hard without Apple.


I am no apple fan, but that is just centralizing discovery, not actual hosting and playing. I have no problem copy pasting RSS URLs into my player, even though 99% of people are not doing that. I can't do that with spotify-only podcasts

@twisterghost And next, lets bring back RSS into the mainstream again and revitalize self-hosted blogging tools again.

I'm so done with medium posts and ads.

@twisterghost If you wait long enough then what's old becomes new again. We have a window of opportunity where the #openweb is once again becoming more interesting than the closed, walled-off, sterile stuff.

@twisterghost Isn't Youtube a way to publish your words of wisdom for free? I did a Talking video about #BubbleUP Economics... Isn't THAT What a Podcast is? A Talking Video... Like Peotry is Lyrics without Music... a/k/a RAP

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