Sincere question: when talking about “the LGBTQ+ community” in spoken conversation, is there an acceptable alternative term just for flow purposes? I tend to use “queer” as shorthand which I’ve heard others use gracefully but wondering if there’s another term.

I thought about just saying “everyone in the rainbow” but I dunno if that’s common but it sounds kinda nice?

Boosts appreciated I want do check myself in this cuz it’s important and I’m curious what folks do

@twisterghost curious as well. My son recently came out so I'd like to become accustomed to the proper lingo.

@twisterghost I use queer for myself & def prefer it over LGBTQIA+ and its variants. I like the reappropriation. Any group of likeminded folks I'm in, queer is a preferred term as well.

Some folks find queer icky due to its history; I've heard "gendernonconforming people", which I find icky - idk, makes it sound like I choose to not conform? And I could if I only wanted to?

Never heard of "everyone in the rainbow"; sounds nice n unicorn-y though, might try it out 🦄

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