Question folk: whats the best way to get broader federation on a new instance these days? New server has a decent start but I hesitate to install a follow bot and relays seem messy.

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@twisterghost I second this. Ive added some relays but im still missing whatever it is that the bigger instances are doing to get a bigger federated timeline

@grant I think a lot of it is just time and exposure to servers, but just wondering if theres a shortcut, like a way to import a big list o’ domains or something.

@twisterghost isn't that what the relays do? I haven't found a relay server with a decent list of other instances.

@grant @twisterghost yes, some of the smaller instances uses relays to exchange a broader set of messages between server.

@twisterghost Follow lots of people, imo! I'm on a single user instance, and I still find stuff by browsing hashtags that I've not seen otherwise, even though technically everything here should also be in my home feed. I do follow almost a thousand accounts though.

Local users × how many users they follow × how many users those users retweet = a lot of users across the fediverse.

@twisterghost I've added relays but you will want to block a few instances here or there too so that you clean up the crap you don't interact with or can't read.

@twisterghost I added a bunch of relays but im not convinced it did much good. At one point I just walked every known instance on and followed the admin but that was a couple years ago. Getting reach is kinda difficult.

@debugninja @twisterghost Following instance admins is a great strategy. Using relays is pretty unpredictable unless you control the relays, can easily crash your server when a new bigger instance is added to the relay.

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