Just so we are clear: there is an account on TikTok that uses AI generated audio to create “bikini bottom news” coverage of current events, with the fish and everything. Often, I genuinely hear of news from this fake cartoon fish before anywhere else.

I don’t know what to make of this fact but I’m okay with it.

Update: got the mount for my new absurd monitor.

I am uh

It’s very good


I’ve not been drinking a lot recently but when it’s beautiful weather and you’re having pizza outside and there’s True Respite on the menu, you order it.

Every morning, Flynn tries to optimize for pillows and sunbeams and I cannot blame him for figuring out the secrets of life

This is VERY good.

Credit/OP: @heyjulesfern@twitter.com

It’s perfectly common on gaming TikTok to come across a live stream of someone just pointing their phone camera at their monitor or TV and that’s their setup. Lowest possible fidelity, but still hundreds will tune in. There’s just something so weirdly human about that.

Literally just point your phone at your TV and people can connect to that. It almost is like re humanizing in a way.

Scheduling an appointment with a new doctor. They had a choice of languages. Finally, someone who speaks my preferred language of Old English (ca. 450)

Consistently amazed at how much more advanced public infrastructure is outside of the US and how we're stuck arguing about if we should be, I dunno, replacing rusted lead pipes. Meanwhile, other countries have high speed rail, walkable cities and shit like this

Someone at NPR is either a genius or completely oblivious

This is an extremely early work in progress but I am just so excited to share stuff about my game project, Adelaide.

I'm working with the game's artist on designing the interior of the player character's home and I'm loving it so far. Lots of tweaks, details, alterations and whatnot to come, but going from placeholder stuff to actually working on a real buildout is so satisfying.

If you like witchy vibes and proving patriarchal fools wrong, I hope this game will be perfect for you!

I got a letter from my insurance that said "Immediate response required" on the envelope. Inside was a survey, and what I can only assume is a THREAT that they will keep annoying me until I respond????


probably nothing but yikes for me 

This chunk of the iOS emoji keyboard is just deeply unsettling for me

Really like throwing images into photomosh.com and smashing the button until something neat pops out. That’s how I made my avatar/pfp and just threw my banner image in there too

Hello Fediverse!

My tiny indie game team has been building Adelaide: A spell slinging action RPG.

Today we've hit a milestone, cutting the first playtest since an overhaul we kicked off last year.

We're only looking for a few testers, but if you have a Windows machine and enjoy indie games or want to play as a young witch slinging spells to subvert the patriarchy, please let me know!

Boosts deeply appreciated. If you'd just like to learn more or follow along, visit adelaide.game

We've got ourselves a tree wall! Was previously using a lot of other contrived area borders but can't go wrong with the classics.

Gonna be working on Adelaide all day. Hoping to share a lot more soon. Finishing up a playtest build, then moving on to a UI overhaul.

Please take a moment out of your day to enjoy some Good Dog.

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