This is my local indie bookstore and I love them very much.

Started just blocking every brand that advertises on my timeline on Twitter. Interesting results after a few months of doing so.

Getting less ads overall, maybe because their system can't choose one within a timeout for response times? Also the ads I'm getting are increasingly niche and lower production quality.

Here's a favorite recently

In Evenfall, beacons dot the landscape which allow fast travel between locations you've reached. As I build out areas, I can see a visual representation of the world filling in via the beacon map 😀

In the past few days I've deleted 65,296 lines of source code from my game project from cleaning up outdated resources and systems.

Pretty proud that it was all built in such a way that it could be removed without destroying everything else. Also, a lot of this was codegen/managed files from the IDE which inflates the numbers quite a bit, but still hundreds of NPCs/areas/resources that need not be compiled anymore!

Wow I forgot about this ability in the game. I'm super proud of the sound work on this one - the rumbling as you roll around is pitched/gained up and down based on your speed

I can download so many shitty internet hot takes so quickly

Working on a slab coffee table for my parents. Slab is in alright condition, some voids I'm filling now with black tinted resin.

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