If Nintendo really cared, they would release Animal Crossing today 👀

Hey remember to disinfect your phone/keyboard/car steering wheel and whatnot

Probably a good idea when not a pandemic too

Oh its so sad this guy couldn’t grift during a pandemic nyti.ms/2TYIhuI

Bidets will be the currency of the future



uspol, coronavirus 

I'm just saying that Stoop Kid probably wouldn't get COVID-19

I was actually doing kind of okay yesterday with daylight savings but this morning was rough like my daylight investment portfolio was wiped out by the stock market

Got a lime tree, which is gonna be a lot of work but yo I'm here for limes

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Went to a couple of garden centers this weekend and got a few new plants to try and grow, and a bunch of grass seed to help get my back yard better able to handle rain water. Now its just a matter of nature being nice to me for a little while.

Yall need to log off Diablo 2 so I can get into a game like damn

I wish I were cool enough to have a comma in my name

Just once, can a major phone manufacturer release a flagship named using mid-00's username branding


Y'all, I think the world's problems could be solved if we just take a moment and appreciate cheddar jalapeño bread

Vote twisterghost 2020

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