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This was years ago but its a part of who I am today

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I unironically tried to make lynx my default browser for like a week

Still a month away from Animal Crossing, I'm breaking down just looking at the tile on my Switch's homescreen but not being able to open it

Did a rock climbing class last night about movement on the wall. At the end, the instructor had us practice by climbing while blindfolded. At first it sounded ridiculous but once I actually got going, it was zen af

Please click all the squares that contain _your house_

Spent most of the day alternating between playing Diablo 2 and Skyrim. When one crashed, just go to the other. Tbf, it was just Skyrim crashing.

My text messages are basically 50% random 2FA codes and 50% campaign text messages from candidates I don't even back.

Working on a slab coffee table for my parents. Slab is in alright condition, some voids I'm filling now with black tinted resin.

If you appreciate someone's work, tell them! Like, right now, go tell them in whatever form makes sense. It helps people feel good, it builds positive relationships and you don't even need to talk to them face to face, just a comment or email or whatever will do it!


NextDNS ( is actually the best service I've come across in years. I'm actually looking forward to it coming out of beta so I can start paying for it because damn does it deserve it

Will you refuse to install an application because of the programming language it was written with?

- Yes
- Conditionally (Yes, but only if there is no binary available and I have to install the language's build tools)
- No
- Other conditions: please specify

Boosts appreciated, because I find the "boosts appreciated" trick working for other people and I figured I'd try once

I like that I'm seeing services offering 5-year subscriptions at big discounts. I'm happy to pay for quality services, but I'm more happy when that service makes a statement about sticking around. Especially love Standard Notes' take of keeping the software high quality and keeping the feature set focused to ensure they can continue to deliver the service as expected.

I like when a tool does one thing really well.

I think what we really need in this world is for more services to have their own variants of the "share" icon.

TAZ: Amnesty Finale Spoilers 

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