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Coming back to my inbox after two days off like I'm exploring a foreign land filled with strange texts documenting histories of lost civilizations

Was GMing a session of blades in the dark several months ago when a simple "meeting with a shady figure" scene ended with a 10 minute completely in character role play conversation between a me and a player.

It was thoughtful, story relevant and so solid that all checks and mechanics fell aside and we just hashed shit out. That doesn't happen all the time but when it does it reminds me why I love tabletop rpgs

My car dealership has just informed me that my car is overdue for service.

This is the real crisis.

Specifically a rye old fashioned with cinnamon bitters. Hella good.

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Alright yall, I made myself an old fashioned, I'm drawing up a bath, I'm taking pto the next two days, ya boy is here to relax

Misplaced trust issues because "cloud backup services" have instilled fear in me that I _need_ them to keep my shit alive. But also, I know drives fail, break, get stolen, lost, etc.

I don't have many "sacred" files really, given that its mostly just checked-in dev files in version control, but I have wedding photos, etc, which I'd like to keep stored away and not in git.

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Does anyone have a local backup solution that they trust? I've got hella mistrust of hard drives, probably unnecessary so - but I trust cloud services even less regarding longevity.

I self host a nextcloud instance, but for stuff I want to keep in storage, I don't have a great solution. Right now it's just in nextcloud and also on a media server in my house + backed up via a service. Is just plopping it on an external SSD gonna be ok? HDD? Ugh. Trust issues.

My dumb ass spent a couple of weeks talking about how smoothly my workstream was going, and that all went right out the window yesterday awhoooops

Lmao duraflame fire logs say not to combine them with actual logs

Just stop for a dang second and think about how fucking weird of a term "firmware" is


I get it but like, what

You dont need CI if you just ssh into your server and edit the code in production

Also my team at Stripe is hiring a product operations manager! We're looking for someone in SF or NYC

Please apply if you're interested! Underrepresented folks absolutely encouraged to apply.

Finally launched a feature I've been working on to beta yesterday!

If you use Stripe Checkout for subscriptions and are interested in a beta for user-redeemable promotion codes, let me know and I'd be happy to get you situated!

deno going to stable on the 13th has me hype

Love the smell of an incident in the morning

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