Sway Input Configurator - simple input devices configurator for SwayWM, written in Python and Qt5/PySide2, inspired by nwg-shell-config. It uses standard libinput options to configure keyboard, touchpad and pointer devices.


Stable release of Ubuntu Sway Remix 22.04 LTS is here! You can download it from ubuntusway.com

Full changelog: github.com/Ubuntu-Sway/Ubuntu-

First beta of Ubuntu Sway Remix for the Raspberry Pi is now available for download!


* MPV replaced by VLC
* Firefox is removed, Qutebrowser is available
* Optimized default settings
* Enabled Zswap
* Optimized file system mount options to reduce memory card wear

Username: ubuntu
Password: ubuntusway

Please change default password after launching Ubuntu Sway Remix!



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