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finally getting around to finishing OR bc I want all the legendaries

god I wish home would let me rename mons. some of the ones I've had since the 2000s have the stupidest fucking names

just got magikarp in a beast ball through room trade... t-thanks

pokemon home GTS is a disaster and just reminds me of DPPt where everyone asked for a level 1-10 arceus

I had to re-add my fingerprints but at least now it's working again

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my ipad is rejecting my fingerprints wtf do you want from me

state of my life is that I'm masculine enough that some people assume I'm male, but still feminine enough that guys will make sexual comments about me in my work's drive-thru

probs bc I still associate it with the final live, where it was the last song and the seiyuu started crying when the audience was singing along. that shit hurted </3

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I prefer aqours a lot more than u's, but bokutachi wa hitotsu no hikari is still probably one of the most impactful songs in love live

sega hurry up and give us a western release date

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