gonna move to a new masto instance for a f r e s h profile

I wanna update my neocities so bad. I kinda started working on it but I did like 2 things and then got tired

just realised that I joined this instance of 02/02/20... damn that's a lot of 2s

unfortunately I'm quite shite at the game (as with fighting games in general) but mmmm that lore

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friend got me into guilty gear and idk if this is the worst or best mistake of my life

I haven't touched a terminal in so long. oh god

I was thinking of bringing of my instance back up but ehhhhhhhh

(flops onto the ground like a dead fish)

got tired of the fedi I was experiencing on pleroma so I, uh... returned to twitter :pepecross:

i go to deviantart to look up such as pictures of spaceships or dragons and without fail half of what it turns out is extremely creepy softcore fetish porn

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