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鉁 intro 鉁 

So I see you're running GNOME... You know, I'm actually on KDE myself. I know this desktop environment is supposed to be better, but you know what they say: old habits, they die hard. Yeah, I know what you鈥檙e thinking: I鈥檓 an executive. I mean, why am I even running Linux? Again, old habits.

I haven't touched a terminal in so long. oh god

I was thinking of bringing of my instance back up but ehhhhhhhh

got tired of the fedi I was experiencing on pleroma so I, uh... returned to twitter :pepecross:

i go to deviantart to look up such as pictures of spaceships or dragons and without fail half of what it turns out is extremely creepy softcore fetish porn

every now and then I feel the need to check my account here just to see what's going on... how is mastodon land

shoutout to all the homestuck fans here on

honestly I have him in my acnl town so I'm fine with it, it would be fun to see someone new

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one of my acnh villagers has lived in my town for like 4 days and already wants to leave... damn

cont: drv3 prologue 

kaede is honestly very cute, what a girl

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cont: drv3 prologue 

kaede keeps making comments about tsumugi's body being sexy... we stan an open lesbian protag

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