i will start updating as soon as i grab a new device, until then 💤

only a single vote is still standing tall. its closing in less than six hours. my voice is not reaching enough people. a little greed has done more harm than good, most of them were reverted. decision to ban is lingering in the minds of admins. reverting to old way of editing section at a time. surprised to find bot being banned due to removing unique identifiers. proposer seems to be favouring publisher providing more open access articles. do you know about mectizan. let me know.

a little introspection might save a lot of good will. fonts were looking awkward and until few moments ago furious with browser. in fact inaction even after viewing default setting led to misunderstanding. few accept their wrong and very few will not do same mistake. lists should be avoided. the incoming buzz has reduced considerably. its time to organise my time. should make and access priorities list. reading has been completely neglected since more than a month.

surprised to find my account working, it was deleted. my query remains unanswered about unique crashes. there is no patch in sight. i should ask properly. couple of accessibility related edits are ignored. no use to revert them or post talk message about the benefits of template. how can one explain in concise manner the importance of making web more accessible. github pages were in html files instead of markdown. so what about toots. need to research about it. maybe today or tomorrow.

there isnt much progress. its sort of become habit for searching unsupported features. in fact, itz useless to rant. as an open source user: diligently filing issues for crashes or feature requests and created commits if possible. mind is again diverting to use of username. wasted couple of hours and bandwidth to search and confirm lookbehind implementations.

the fear of unknown might have reduced or confidence of doing right or correctly might be responsible for single persona. fear of backlash or humiliation or bullying has become new normal. its a pity we are disintegrating at rapid speed. some animals move in packs. their survival is dependant on it. primary goals: protect young ones, not to become hunted. even here there is behavioural code: to hunt if you are hungry or for future reserve or train young ones. the less is said about us is better.

its been a privilege to know how plants or trees are responding to incessant watering daily since more than a year. fresh air brings positive thoughts and a bit of more stamina to fight for future. surprised to wake up every morning due to birds chirping. edited journal notes about past, present and future. sometimes acceptance of failure and moving on is necessary. the paradise might not last forever, but, collateral damage is high. embracing for second wave or new type of air borne virus.

from today onwards no more updating of one or two lines, rather my thoughts in few sentences. any way this was created to replace journal on github pages, not to supplement it. perhaps i might improve expressing in few words. only one person responded so far and there are six more hopeful days. still disorganised about how to increase pace.

Williamina Paton Stevens Fleming

so far the ship is sailing smoothly w/o any hiccups or blocks 😷

what does username denote – bragging rights ? pride ? aura ? – none. :owi:

did you know: even 5 year old can find news with basic knowledge on ncf news website 🏅

its time to cross post of vandalism on wiki & irc 😡

query for doctor: room temp is around 35 centigrade with no fan running, yet when i sleep leaning on right hand : sweating more compared to left hand. why 😫

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