Gonna have to go on locked or otherwise deactivate my irl found me 😬

Only I get to call myself dumb if anyone else even implies I don’t know things I’ll be pissed

Gender is a concept I’m too dumb for people call me a girl and I’m like sure but then I’m like am I agender and I’m like sure and then I’m like do I look non-binary and I’m like sure and then I’m like do I go by they pronouns and I’m like sure and then I’m like what about she pronouns and I’m like sure and then I never change anything about my appearance and live as a ‘girl’ even tho I feel only the smallest connection to womanhood but also womanhood means nothing to me. And I’m like sure :)


Also yiffy is latine 😌 rebelde ass uniform

Anyway I liked this update I just had that on my mind because of a discussion me and pun were having a couple days ago thas all

@whichoftime this has always been an issue with hs I just wish hussie would like....learn from his mistakes. Like having some of my white friends say that Jane has a “point” about alter is being violent and it’s like........your racism allegory sucks if people are saying that the (troll) racist character is making some valid points

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