Ok, so I tried out brave (ff user). Here is some highlights:
- middle click on tab bar does not open new tab (but middle mouse on tab does close it)
- I cannot select multiple tabs no matter what I do
- Customization is lacking. I use custom chrome.css in ff. I know I wouldn't be able to use it, but I expected at least ability to move buttons around.
- NO AUTOSCROLL on middle mouse!!!!!!!1!!!!!!11. Not even in brave://flags
Here are some screenshots of brave (left) and ff (right). @volpeon site

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I'll give them credits for IPFS and crypto wallets

My chrome is basically this:
, but with few extra lines i did to hide newtab and refresh buttons. I don't really remember what I did exactly so mine are here:
And here is my theme:

@SaulRS951 Also I use darkreader plugin so no white pages for me and I tweaked it so ff ui and pages have the same color

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