this whole time i didnt even have background pic

i was hoping facebook would stay down forever :akkosad:

@mikapyon ive made mistake of creating protonmail acc. Now i cant redirect mails :AAAAAA: imap is paid feature :akkocry:

@veer66 Okular is :birdheart: It has best scrolling in any software. Both minimal and functional UI. invert colors for your eyes :pepehands:

@mikapyon I love your style :ablobdundundun: Looking forward to see rest of your

Gay is not Unix itself 

But rather one component of fully functioning GNU system

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anyone else notice that shit loads real slow? I have a 500Mbps fiber connection and a modern desktop computer and more and more often I notice I'm waiting for some HHGTTG sized javascript library to do some shit when I'm just trying to shop or check the weather.

Just load the images ffs


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