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I migrated my website to hugo. It's really good generator. Now I'll be able to blog something from time to time.

Also, why the hell does blink/chrom[e|ium] fuck up the scroll-position if the element scrolled to isn't >13px wide?

And why in the name of all flying fucks does scroll-margin-top only match for gecko and scroll-padding-top only for blink in the use-case involving the scroll position fuckup?

And how are issues like this even a thing after #IE6 was deprecated?

Anyone interested in learning matrix bot js toolkit?

Want to know something that doesn't exist? 

a good web browser

Smalltown boy?
Nope, more like

@person good job! You might want to take a look at uuid4. That's what I would use

You can embed Odysee videos. I didn't know that. Bye youtube

Alright is a good initiative, but:
- Decisions are ultimately made by people you vote for
- Those people are often corrupted by companies you buy from
- Those companies make decisions based on money you give them

If you want change, then change who you vote for and don't buy plastic containers. Repair your stuff and be loud about it.

Rant about Ubuntu using old versions of Gnome 

@forteller uh sorry I assumed it was something like KDE neon. Well, youre gonna have a hard time finding something with updated gnome based on Ubuntu. Most Ubuntu derivatives follow same update cycle. I would go for something arch based like endeavour. Arch base is always up to date.

Rant about Ubuntu using old versions of Gnome 

@forteller gnome os or whatever it's called

@ocean I only have my website without any license right now but sure

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