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Repairing devices at the same party that made them is prone to abuse

authorized repair shop is a curse word in my dictionary


#Discourse also implementing #ActivityPub (joining the Fediverse) is great news! Thanks for sharing!

Here is a forum thread with more details on it. The linked post contains links to other related threads.

@XxAlexXx idk why I would ever use something but libre office. I mainly use writer and the only feature it lacks is smooth scrolling. Kinetic would be even better.

@volpeon bruh but look at that beautiful loading. Besides most people can wait up to a minute or so as long as there is something spinning on the screen.

Do you think block list is implemented on hardware or software level? I'm using Xiaomi but with swapped ROM. Too lazy to read Lithuanian report myself.

How to cut out spotify 

This would ensure music availability on platform and would be also beneficial for artist as the there would be no platform fees

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How to cut out spotify 

A federated audio sharing platform where people can anonymously upload "pirate" music and then if artist wants to take it down, has to create an account and claim the song. Every instance maintains a list of claimed music (and to which account). Only after claiming a song donations are available. Donations are made with crypto (something like LBC). Most clients donate very small (configured in settings) amount of crypto for each listen/like.

I should look into funkwhale. I'm tired of Spotify.

@Zero_Democracy not paying for something that you use is also illegal. What are you proposing should be the solution?

Microsoft Edge helpfully gave me a popup today to remind me never, ever, ever to search for times and locations using Microsoft Edge, if I want any remaining shreds of privacy.

I really like those artists but can't guess what's up with -P

my patience for might or might not be running out

@Wafer Never noticed but Ill try look-shaming someone. might be fun

AWS is a really bad hosting, but at least it has good CDN and it's relatively cheap

If I click "Clean site data and cookies" I MEAN IT! Firefox pls stop caching stuff

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