Fuck I just got a massive wave of anxiety out of nowhere I am going to pull out my hair and clench my teeth until they shatter

Nice to see that Shadowlands is removing WoW’s lamest store feature and straight up letting you trans your gender at a barber shop. This is the future liberals want.

One of these days I’m gonna burst and go on a 100-post rant about how much I love Hunter X Hunter and everyone is gonna have to deal with that

However, my distaste for Alan Sylvasta BNA is but a pale shadow of the unbridled fury I unlock when I see Pariston Hill HxH. I will one day find a way to reach inside the screen and kill him myself, mark my words.

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Cheery blonde white guy in a suit whom I instantly want to strangle upon meeting him

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It's time. I'm gonna fuckin do it. Just watch me. I'm buying the Nat™️ games.

If I didn’t already have so many hoodies I’d 100% buy the Arcjec hoodie and also a bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red for a closet cosplay. But I swear I don’t kin Arcjec

the garbage fire known as homestuck twitter 

the extent to which homestuck twitter absolutely despises transfems would be comical if it weren't so demoralizing. like holy shit what THE FUCK is going on over there.

i simply think that anyone who still thinks Toph Beifong is cishet should not be allowed to enjoy Avatar. Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done

The only reason winter isn’t 10/10 is because here in Georgia it lasts all of 10 minutes

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Spring: pollen, heat, insects, worst season 0/10
Summer: heat and insects 2/10
Fall: heat and insects 3/10
Winter: cool, unproblematic, insects are dead, worth naming myself after, 9/10

Fuck how do people enjoy being outside I’m 70% sweat and bug bites right now

(World of Warcraft shit) 5 mask runs are nightmare incarnate but dammit I’m getting that achievement, fuck u N’Zoth

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the songs actually still sounded different but my dream brain just registered them all as Rock & Roll Band by Boston. SCP Fuel.

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dream analysis challenge find the deeper meaning in a dream i had that every song was replaced with Rock & Roll Band by Boston

Happy birthday to Nepeta Leijon and absolutely nothing else

who would win: 5 leveling wow players vs dungeon trash with a simple mechanic

spoilers: the trash wins every time

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