Been rereading the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books over the past couple weeks. It’s fun coming back to them after 5-6 years, and seeing that they’re still really great.

Also I’m like 85% certain that Frank has the Big Trans. I just get the vibes.

A twitter link to a thread on burnout in black activists and how white activists cause it 

If you are white or NBPOC and you want to actually learn what you may be doing wrong and how to stop, here is some more words on it:

I nominate “hiding Lucky Luciano in various images” as greatest meme ever. SCPD has reposted this image 7 times without noticing him.

goddamn why is so clogged up with gimmick accounts and spammers? i joined like a week ago and the user count has more than doubled.

sexual assault mention, hs discourse(?) 

Homestuck but Tweeted has reached the part where Vriska kinda sorta totally sexually assaults Tavros and I am far too terrified to look at the comments

Between Laivan letting go of Serpaz's rope and Ellsee's and Occeus's rope starting to fray a bit, the track art for Road to Recovery has me worried

Current Events (you know the one) 

Stop using Pro-Cop language.

Black Lives Matter, ACAB.

my hand slipped and now this exists oops. what will her name be?

How I Defeated Fascism With the Power of Love

by Luigi


Chapter 1: The Power of Love

The first step in my journey was realizing that it is impossible to defeat fascism with the power of love.

Chapter 2: The Power of Incredible Violence

hm, having had other people refer to me with them and having referred to myself with them, I don't think I'm really feeling they/them pronouns.

on to pronoun experiment #2. let's see how she/her feels

identity stuff 

Exploring my identity by coming up with various character concepts and seeing how it feels when I position them in my head as “self-inserts”

building new mtg commander decks knowing full well it'll be a couple months before I can go back to the lgs and play them 😔


me: hello here is a thing i like. a music, a show, a game, doesn't matter. i am passionate about it and would like to share my enjoyment with others.

family: haha this is stupid we will ignore you and mock your interests whenever we see you.

family: why do they avoid talking to us? how can this be?? we have done nothing wrong they need to grow thicker skin

the Befriendus game is pretty good go download it

gets mad point for already being able to make me care about dancestors besides meenah and aranea, I'm always here for some autistic rep


Ugh I hate how similar my dad and I are because it makes it completely impossible to hold a conversation with him in any form

this joke is targeted at like 5 people, only 2 of which are even on this platform to see this version of it

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