I hate everything about myself I don't know who I want to be but I know it isn't this


I look at myself in the mirror and instantly dissociate. Who is this person staring back at me. I don't like this why is this happening

prepare for a ton of people to start kinning Turnin Kaikai I can feel it coming

Racren is not nearly as distressed as one should be to discover that they can suddenly breathe in space

Finally it's time for Trolls. in. SPAAAAAAAACE!!!!!!!!

Happy non-binary day! I’d post a selfie but I’m really not happy with my appearance right now so here’s my cat instead

Supremely disappointed to discover that the trend on twitter did not in fact mean that the United States’ Army was over and it’s actually just kpop drama.

This joke is pretty niche but fuck it here you go

Everything surrounding WoW’s Warlords of Draenor alternate timeline is a goddamn mess but I really like the idea of Alt!Gul’dan getting sent to the main universe’s Maw because he died in the main universe and meeting original Gul’dan there

mcu stans will be like "omg the marvel movies are so gorgeous this is true cinnamon topography" and then go out of their way to find the 4 grey-est shots in the franchise

kinda love the Classic WoW community absolutely demolishing the content there. Clearing Molten Core with 40 paladins, Killing Onyxia naked, killing her in under a minute with 33 hunters. and just overall proving that vanilla was never actually difficult, everyone just sucked at the game back then. Curious if Ahn'Qiraj and Naxxramas will hold up.

There is an accident at my funeral and my corpse is cut open, revealing only cake within. My true body is never recovered.

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political revolutions in fantasy stories be like "we need to dethrone this evil absolute monarch and replace them with a moderately nicer absolute monarch"

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Honestly I legit don't care what anyone says Bionicle still owns. That franchise kicked fucking ass

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