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It is 2022. JoJo part 9 has begun. Araki reveals a stand called Megalovania. What happens to the internet?

obv the most recent games are always gonna be the best when it comes to competitive battling but gen 5 is still the most enjoyable to play through and also the best looking. 2d sprites>3d models, fight me

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Replaying Pokemon shield because…? I don’t know why. It’s not a good game. Guess I just felt like playing a pokemon game and this is the only one I have on me that isn’t a rom, so I can do more stuff with it like plan out my team via pokemon home.

I am gonna play Black 2 afterwards because that’s a game that is actually good.

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the problem with capitalism is eventually you run out of other countries' resources

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“ summary of karzai airport bombing:
- US knew it was coming
- group that did it aided by US ratlines since at least 2018
- significant number of those killed were shot by american soldiers
- person killed by US retaliatory drone strike was a western ngo employee and his family”

Time for more dumb video game trivia I know: Ghetsis’s Hydreigon in Pokemon Black and White 2 is the only trainer pokemon in the series with zero friendship and therefore a max power frustration. It fucking despises him.

Naming pokemon after my friends as a form of therapy

I’d make a good queer-coded villain, I think

I will not shut up about this show it’s literally perfect

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Finished watching Schitt’s Creek. It was actually really good but I’m still going to take this opportunity to instead recommend The Good Place.

American History prof opens the first class with “colonization introduced the concept of FREEDOM to the natives ☺️☺️🥳🥳.” So it’s gonna be one of those classes.

The lame kind of easter eggs: There’s a thing in the background! Neato!

The fun kind of easter eggs: if you take drugs and give 10 apricots to an animal toy, you can exit the level by scooting away on a little toy bike

IO Interactive give me a roleswap au game where we can play as Diana

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Not to be an mtg fan here but Gavin Verhey doing a phyrexia-based Good Morning Magic the day before the 2022 roadmap reveal has me excited

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