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also is ub allowed to do anything other than mill and tribal in edh

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tell me... how are things on the outside? are there new toys for any of my commander decks? is grixis control going to be a thing? anywhere?

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haven't been keeping up with MID spoilers :( due in part to not having my decks with me at uni since there's literally no room for them in this dorm room

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the alchemy montages would go on until you literally run out of grist. You would never stop Being Santa

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damn i kinda really wanna play minecraft with my friends. dare i say, perhaps..... minestuck mod?? hmu

How has it taken me this long to read Kill Six Billion Demons holy fuck

Realizing I still have a soft spot for 2000s pop rock

Hate that my biggest banger post on birdsite is now a fucking shrek joke instead of the far more dignified Everything Everything joke that once held the position

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was bored, made some minor upd8s to my carrd. now including 300% more Aradia kinning

home stuck 

ok it is very funny that Viz is so incompetent in its handling of Homestuck that Hussie themself is promoting the unofficial offline download above the broken mess that is the official site

my brother is reading berserk everyone wish him luck on this journey

going home for the long weekend, excited to see my cat

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