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I don’t know that I’d ever play with them but these homestuck custom commanders get a solid “neat!” from me

I’ve had this idea swimming around in my head for a long time of someone using SU-style fusion as a way to just disappear, and dissolve into someone else as an unhealthy form of escapism. I wonder where I could go with that as a writer

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I’d do a genocide route cuz I’m sure there’s good stuff there, but damn I don’t wanna hit that True Reset button :( I just want everyone to keep their happy ending. Maybe on a different switch profile? If that’d even work as a separate instance of the game.

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you, allistic: what just happened there?
me: *explains what happened there*
you: well, I didn't listen to any of that, but since it's kind of weird to be able to describe and interpret a social interaction in that amount of detail at the drop of a hat, I assume all of it was wrong. what really just happened there was [obviously incorrect. childishly reductive take on the situation at hand]

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It took me nearly 6 years but I have finished Undertale (true pacifist)

fortnite dancing on the graves of 7,671 decks on edhrec

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😳What if😳
We combined ourselves body and mind
Into a singular being 🔥🥵💦
(and we were both girls)

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Kill Six Billion Demons affirms my belief that fusion is the gayest thing possible

i wanna watch something new, toss some anime recs my way

type of guy who preordered the $90 collectors edition of Amogus on PS5

home stuck 

shit i noticed i forgot to crop out his collar and it looks weird

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(discourse voice) honestly pretty problematic of the Wachowski sisters to incorporate redpill ideology into their films, I get what they were going for but I just don't think it's okay to reference that kind of thing even ironically

i realize im talking into the void here cuz i dont think i actually have any mtg followers, its just me looking at the mtg talk from the outside

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given this is innistrad im guessing its all zombies though :(

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