Federated chat makes me wonder about humanity.

@potatoxel oh, I just mean all the content being posted in it makes me feel like an outsider. Nothing I am not used to in that respect, but between the only fans posts, the random bull shit, the nonsensical ramblings and the anime spam I just wonder about society and human thought in general. I suppose thinking about it now, even as I am saying this I am pretty grateful to be a part of this whacky, weird, and random world 😅

@wizard ah. Lol. There is a bunch of random posts here yeah. Tho i have iust started using this. I Do like the idea of federation tho so i can self host my posts. C:

@potatoxel 😁 same here, I am also new to this platform. Just deleted my Facebook account a few days ago, still getting used to this.

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