@yelpoetry roses are small
The world is so huge
You probably think
That I'm such a stooge

So yeah I made a religion a while back it's only got 2 members at the moment. We worship an eternal pantheogenic hermaphrodite Dragon who is infinite in all aspects
Its pretty chill, we regard members of all other religions and spiritual paths as our brothers and sisters. But they are obviously all mistaking their own dieties for Gods, and as such they all worship false idols. We even have a belt system just like kung fu - but better.
It's called Way of Dragon. Our next member could be you

@potatoxel nice, I need to figure out how to host my dragon server. Is that a thing you pay for?

It's entirely possible that scrolling through federated timeline kills more braincells than smoking crack.

@anthracite Ohh so it's like a group thing? Sorry did not realise. Will have to look up how to make a group of my own, did not know that was possible, sweet as.

@welcome I have a suggestion for you. Search for "Heart and Soul" EP by Master Minded. I genuinely hope you try giving it a listen. ❤

@MinimalClick If only I could control my mind. I feel like it is like trying to control the wind.

@hank777zzz this is outrageous.. how dare I not be able to take part in their 2-party "election" scam... my vote was going to shatter the system gawd damnit!

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