water running over rocks, that sandy kinda smell... so good 👌

post guy put down 'handed to husband' on my boyfriend's parcel delivery without prompting or asking who i was

🌈 pride month pride month 🌈

okay i think i'm not possessed by a horse anymore

mental health 

today i feel like i got a horse brain, just one braincell and its ready to run from and kick everything that exists and also everything that does not exist. I could absolutely lose my shit at the wrong shade of yellow.

it is very nice to see so many people having a great time however, im just internet poisoned

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in the meeting area around an anime convention and all i can think is how 80% of these people woud literally kill you via twitter for thinking the wrong thoughts about their fave

remembered to grab the transformers comics bundle before it left. gonna feast on robots for months.

had insta installed on my phone for all of a month (not my entire choice) and today it started just blastin itself open every five mins demanding my DoB, over all other apps and when the phone was inactive. oh my goooood who thought this was a good idea.
anyway, peace insta, hope you offline forever.

i thought ehh i could probably skip the rush and just play Endwalker whenever, but then I remembered Fandaniel is an unhinged twink from hell and nope, nope, I gotta do that shit intravenously asap so sorry everyone, everything


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