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Mojn here's my .

An citizen of nowhere, stuck on island, so there will be about that and the current loon in number 10.

But there will also be posts about and . Along with from and of my and the odd and

Follow at your own peril ;)

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As a person who is hard of hearing, I fucking hate when TV shows/movies don't balance their goddamn audio. Like if I have to really crank it up to hear most of the show but then during action scenes it's ear shattering at that exact same volume, You Did A Bad Job at making your show accessible. What the fuck is the reasoning behind this decision. No I get it, you want to make the action POP, but you can do that without making it a fucking tense drag for hard of hearing people to watch your goddamn show

This brought to you by me checking out moon knight and nearly fucking scrambling for cover at the first gunshot cause it was so much louder compared to the rest of the show that it sounded like it was right outside my fucking apartment

If you think your job is pointless, just consider that someone in Germany Installs turn indicators in BMWs

So since he ain't buying the bird site does that mean have to return?

And remember that someone who is accused of assaulting 3 people and who started this last lot of chaos is still an MP, Chris Pincher.

At least we listened to Cameron and aren't in the midst of chaos that Ed would have brought upon us all ...

"The protocol arrangements could only have worked if, in real life, the EU regulatory framework had not been fully applied in practice"

No never, EU follow their own rules, who would have thought ....

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No two people are the same, we are all unique. Each one of us is the result of our own values, dreams, ambitions and talents.

In this Pride, we want to assert our singularities because, when combined, they make us stronger.

This month follow #TheFutureIsQueer.
And be proud.


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Johnson is not only a corrupt liar he’s a compromised clear and present danger to our national security.

Tories used to care about that sort of thing 🤷‍♂️

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R.I.P. Andrew Fletcher of Depeche Mode, there goes my youth ;(

why did I do that, because the LOONS in #10 told me to !!

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another date that they partied on, it was my wife's birthday and we did the same as a above, I might have had a drink, a can that got washed as it entered the house, washed and left for at least 48 hours before touching it again

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19th of June 2020 was four days after my 50th. The day where I had hoped to have had a bouncy castle, ice cream van and loads of family/friends around for a natter. Trip to DK to see my folks for the first time since 2017. All I got was a few hugs from my wife, lick from my dog and a sit on the sofa as we stayed home and away from anyone. Yes I know millions others had it much worse than me, people died and people worked their body to the bone trying to save other people etc etc

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