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pros of delicious loose leaf tea: everything

cons: I need to pee so much disorder

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So we don't have a hair straightener anymore... How am I supposed to flatten my two (2) hairs

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I have 1 brain cell and it vibrates with pure rage and maybe 1% lust

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The fact that One Punch Man is a gag on Anpanman makes my brain boil. leave my bean bun man alone. I bet you can't regenerate your own head by asking your dad to bake you a new one.

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I feel evil today. Possibly in a way that's productive and healing

If you have medications, are you taking them?

slightly more nsfw 

Shirt in question.

From which happens to have ridiculously tacky and funny shirts inspired by bootleg shirts found around the world.

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I'm very aware of the inherent awfulness that is the story/phrase "you have two wolves inside of you" but there's a shirt I see often that says "I have two wolves inside of me and they won't stop fucking" and I think of it all the time. Graphic design was their passion

I forgot to add this was me yesterday while grocery shopping on my own for the first time in my life. I got giddy with the shopping cart and zoomed around like a little creature

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Fuck You *runs through isles of walmart at mach speed*

I don't share photos of myself& normally, but I tend to like looks that are more striking but also subtle. So it gives a pop but isn't all you see. I can't quite say it's the same for some of the others LOL /lh

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Mr. handsome-sexy-man in my eyeliner rn. I love the confidence it can give me :^)

I got to see newborn kittens for the first time ever and I am enthralled. Literally wiggly fuzzy tiny angels

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*slams fists through table*
Why are cats so freakin CUTE... Little angels.

Can't wait to medically transition so I can start growing my Evil Ram Horns

I got stick bugged in real life today. Went to the bathroom and saw one on the counter, got him into a cup and put him outside. As I was trying to get him out of the cup he did the stick defense thing, so. That kinda took a while, I had to gently de-stick him with an actual stick & then he was good.

A lot of sticks involved here and none were harmed....

I have broke down into tears and laughed heartily all in one day. Emotions really do just exist in my body rent free.

I mean, this also shows my growth and ability to move through things and cope, which I'm proud I'm able to do. But also, a little bit of a rollercoaster kind of day.

I actually don't have much to post and won't have much to post for a little bit probably. Things for once in our lives are super great, we have a lot of challenges ahead that I know we can tackle as long as we do the work, it's just more like, I can't really talk about it since it's outside-of-the-internet shit. But for once in our lives I can say we're happy without feeling like it's a lie. I can finally sleep soundly..

At the end of the day remind yourself that you did the best you could today, and that is good enough. ~ Lori Deschene

so funny how the disability you get is tied to how much you worked before you became disabled. so if you worked your whole life before becoming disabled you're considered something like a person and are kinda allowed money to live and if you were disabled before even entering the workforce you're considered useless piece of trash left to die

I take the little shower and scrub myself with the loofa like a little monkie

sometimes psychosis things are straight up funny. I don't care like how could I not find humor in that /lh

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I had a hallucination earlier where when I looked at my arm, a freckle hopped off of it and flew away like some sort of cartoon flea. It was pretty funny actually and for a second I was like "... my freckle?"

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