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pros of delicious loose leaf tea: everything

cons: I need to pee so much disorder

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So we don't have a hair straightener anymore... How am I supposed to flatten my two (2) hairs

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I have 1 brain cell and it vibrates with pure rage and maybe 1% lust

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The fact that One Punch Man is a gag on Anpanman makes my brain boil. leave my bean bun man alone. I bet you can't regenerate your own head by asking your dad to bake you a new one.

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I feel evil today. Possibly in a way that's productive and healing

Hi hi I have commissions open. Kind of in urgent need of cushion money for life essentials and eventually moving out of our housing situation. I have no income at this time and am not sure when I will.

Share/check out my Carrd if you want! Boosts appreciated :^) < 3

*does the limp wrist but it's because I'm having an arthritic flare*

Tending to a fire for 5+ hours? Not great. I feel like a burnt sausage.

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Vaseline feels so nice on me chapped lips... I hate chapstick with a passion but for some reason vaseline is fine. 🀨 Ok I guess!

I don't actually walk anywhere I just spin the world with my legs

I literally. just don't have the brain cells or energy to post. I still exist though! How epic is that

mastodon's amazing search function means you can have eidetic memory and recall the exact words of a post from 3 years ago & still be unable to find it

I don't talk as much about more in depth life things on here, but also I think it's a topic a lot of people could understand or relate to. Life really is funky! Sometimes it's ok to share that!

physical health, internalized ableism 

My main fears in choosing to call myself/ourselves disabled physically is that it won't be believed, or that I will inadvertently harm a community of people who "actually are disabled". It can be a tough thing to explore for yourself.

It always goes back to, "I don't want to harm others because I'm doing a bad/wrong thing in having this label".

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physical health, internalized ableism 

At the same time, I feel hesitant to call myself disabled in a physical sense. Or if I even can. My body certainly doesn't work how I want it to and is in pain 9 times out of 10,

but once again I see myself as "not bad off enough". I can still sort of do x and y without crumbling entirely. But doesn't that statement in itself say something?

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physical health 

Have been using my mobility aids since I got them, so around a week now. I do notice a difference with them, and at the same time it made me realize our body is... kind of flimsy and weak without them. And full of pain. But the aids do what they're meant to!

I very much had a mentality for YEARS that I could push past the pains and weakness and that it wasn't a problem. Spoiler alert; it is. I don't think I could function without these aids now.

Deciding that it's year of the Seal (me). Here's a quick one of my sona Oatie, drawing! He has the mobility aid drip.

why are arthritic ankle support braces photographed in that way. why do they all have an air of sensuality

"Step to me and see what the strap do" you mean it? πŸ‘€

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Having a very "I don't remember anything in the last month and I feel very confused and mildly distressed" disorder (look to: DID)

Sleepily hops on to share a tiny self portrait of... me! :>3

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