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Humans have only ever existed on a tiny spec of dirt for a brief cosmic instant. Our inability to comprehend our place in the universe is driving us towards extinction.

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The fact that wearing animal hides and furs is still in fashion tells me that our civilization is not quite as advanced as we'd like to think.

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Capitalism is the most efficient system known to man for destroying the biosphere on a planetary scale.

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True democracy is only possible when the means of production are publicly owned. Only then can resources and labour be directed in a way that benefits majority of the people.

It took 215 years for the US to reach $7 trillion in debt.

It then took only 27 months (March 2020 - June 2022) to add another $7 trillion.

Directly wireless communication of human minds via non-invasive brain-computer-metasurface platform

Happy #Indigenous genocide day!

Sorry, I meant imperialism day.

Sorry, I meant white settler colonialism day.

Sorry, I meant actively collapsing late stage capitalism day.

Sorry, I meant #canadaday.

Open source cloud replacement for vacuum robots enabling local-only operation

Indian industrialists have no problem dealing with Putin for their key materials. The latest example comes from India as Reuters reports that UltraTech Cement - India's biggest cement producer - is importing a cargo of Russian coal and paying for it using Chinese Yuan.

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