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Humans have only ever existed on a tiny spec of dirt for a brief cosmic instant. Our inability to comprehend our place in the universe is driving us towards extinction.

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The fact that wearing animal hides and furs is still in fashion tells me that our civilization is not quite as advanced as we'd like to think.

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Capitalism is the most efficient system known to man for destroying the biosphere on a planetary scale.

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True democracy is only possible when the means of production are publicly owned. Only then can resources and labour be directed in a way that benefits majority of the people.

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«Как символ большевистской нашей правды, как знамя героических побед, несут страны советской космонавты к мирам далеким ленинский портрет».
Худ.: Лемещенко Александр Михайлович.
Год неизвестен.

Studies find that estimated emissions to fabricate an EV battery can be high as carbon emissions from a lifetime of fuel burned by an efficient conventional car.

Focus on making more cars to fight climate change is the ultimate greenwash.

The notion that #solarpower is pointless where it's not sunny year round is a fallacy. Besides the fact that silicon solar panels still generate electricity when it's overcast (this argument WAS a lot more valid when we only had thermal based solar electricity), even if it only worked for the summer, it's still substantial because electricity demands peak during the summer due to the need for air conditioning. If solar covered just the A/C power demands, it'd be worth it.

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I hate the people who praise #AmongUs for being "so innovative in #gaming". It's not. It's literally the digital version an ancient schoolyard game called Werewolf, Mafia, or The Hunt depending on where you grew up. It's not even the first commercialised adaptation of it, there have been card games assigning different roles for ages, and even other computer adaptations before it.

Anyway, that concludes this Gen Z kid's Boomer moment.

on June 12th 1956 athlete, singer and actor Paul Robeson was hauled in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) to answer the charge of being a Communist. Here is how Robeson responded:

The American badger, scientific name "taxidea taxus"

So I guess you could say it was double taxed on its taxonomy

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