@drq it really is, and the fact that it's technically open source doesn't actually make it much better. It's still controlled by Google in the end. Forking it and developing completely independently would be a huge effort.

@yogthos Even its Google roots wouldn't have been a problem if the codebase itself was not as bloated and convoluted as it is now.

It's not bad a browser engine, not at all, but it's literally unmaintainable by anyone who's already maintaining it. It's become X11 of browser engines, kinda, where there's only so much people who understand how it holds together.

We need something done from scratch. We need Servo.

@yogthos I wish there was an open source browser project that was as simple as possible, but still did js, https, html5/modern css.

(So I get that's not simple, but drop everything extraneous like "pocket")

I'm finally at a point as a programmer where I could contribute to a large C/gtk3 project.

@pkw @yogthos I've only done the tiniest bit of browser hacking (just to diagnose the origin of a bug or two) so I can't speak to the complexity of the codebases, but Epiphany, Midori, and the Firefox forks come to mind as possible options.

@pkw I really feel like we lost the plot with the browsers at some point. These things have effectively become operating systems.

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