@yogthos I prefer disfiguring diseases myself. Monkeypox for example.😎 Didn't sell well so it was rebranded MPXV to sound scarier.

You know one reason why 'antibiotic resistant' exists? Antibiotics. Specifically the fact theyre inserted into some part of almost every food product chain.

And DON'T get me started about 'antibacterial' everything either.

We're going to kill everyone saving everyone.🤣

@heretical_i yeah, animal farming is actually a big problem as well because animals get pumped full of antibiotics and then those run off and mix with animal waste. It's like a breeding reactor for superbugs.

@yogthos What I was implying. Dunno much about the net effect of GMO crops on human biology but I know the 'roundup ready' variety of corn grown for fuel ethanol and other industrial uses has an issue with creating pollen poisonous to butterfly larvae. It's killing off the butterflies that migrate over mexico where much of North America's supply is grown. Monarchs for example. Monsanto denied it but the U of New Mexico researchers stuck by their findings.

@yogthos I've developed an exterministically cynical sense of humor in my old(er) age.

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