What seizing means of production actually looks like

Holy moly 🤔 I never thought this would be possible. These guys should have really good discipline.

@yogthos too bad this video is so cut down, with music and voice volumes too similar to understand whatever it's said, the quality is sad.

If anyone's interested: the plant is called Zanon and is Argentinian (and I'm so proud çç)

@yogthos By the way, both workers and their families have been multiple times assaulted and had their lives threatened by both "privates" and government.

@yogthos I was right there, back in 2003, when they tried to took the factory away from the workers. I got out off the bus and was on my way to a class in college and I saw all the people in the street and asked what had happend. I stayed there and 1 hour later we fought the police. They shoot us from helicopters with tear gas, but we fought back. And the workers were able to recover the factory. At the end I hide at a café along whith a couple of other guys. Many ended up in jail.

@yogthos I got mixed up. It was another factory caled Bruckman where I was:

The story is the same, and in the same year. And the factory remains today in the control of the workers.
The spanish wikipedia is more complete. If you can translate it to your language, there is more information there.

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