Maybe they should just shorten it to “No one wants to work.”

@yogthos The implied part is "nobody wants to work for us anymore". People want to work, but they don't want to be treated like crap by raging egomaniacs, for minimum wage.

@yogthos even your grandparents were lazy fucks 👌

@yogthos I guess if you dig enough, you can trace that one back to at least Plato's times, much like "today's youth is no good".

@yogthos @porsupah ah, to be back in 1940, when we didn’t want to work because we were rewarded with pensions for our years of service at a stable job that doesn’t capriciously hire and fire based on immediate market conditions

@yogthos it’s as if… it doesn’t fucking matter, lol. We will always have cock ends & knob jockeys spouting ‘lazy hell’

@yogthos People from 1893, working 72 hour days must've been like "Darn, I didn't get much done today! I'll need to work harder tomorrow!"
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