@tychosoft yeah it's just a stark difference in the development path of the two countries

China’s clean energy growth outlook for 2022 keeps getting bigger. A leading think tank sees China adding 25% more wind turbines and solar panels than last year’s record. archive.ph/HJ8dK

World’s solar capacity to top 2TW by 2031, with China accounting for nearly half of all new additions: Fitch predicts that China’s solar market will “remain the fastest expanding solar sector in the world”, adding 559GW over the coming decade. pv-tech.org/world-total-solar-

Rail strikes: ‘Mick Lynch effect’ sees surge of interest in unions with Google searches rising 500%. Unions says they have seen a ‘noticeable’ number of new members joining amid widening anger over pay across many sectors.

Some fun history regarding how Bill Gates got to where he is today by leveraging his family connections to get IBM to do free work for his company

@kingannoy yeah I'm pretty sure there are plenty of programmers who are far more skilled than Gates, and I'd argue his programming ability had nothing to do with the success of his company.

A fun fact is that most of the original development on DOS was done by IBM programmers through his mother's connections. Here's an interview about it youtube.com/watch?v=MMPOJgqfNA

According to the #Catholic church it's considered a mortal sin (AKA, instantly go to hell) to work on a Sunday. But what does nearly every Catholic do after Sunday mass? That's right, go to a restaurant where they will presumably proceed to remark at how unpious the people serving them are, and then not tip.


@pilcrow yeah it's always nice to see research show how tropes like meritocracy aren't just wrong but also harmful

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