on one hand i could make a homestuck documentary, on another, damn, some people ruined my ties connected to half of the ideas in mind.

liking (vriska) over vriska isn't as much as a federal crime as you think it is.

hoes mad that i made liking cronus ampora normal on twitter

AU where instead of the omega kids having their respective neck wear, they all get a kind of hat.

All I'm saying is that Sonic gets canonically imprisoned off of simply looking like another guy.

Tonight me and a friend are gonna be streaming Befriendus, a pesterquest fan game about the Dancestors on Beforus. You should join us :) I'm lazy so the link can be found on my twitter, lol.

anyways yiffy is transmasc agender and that's just a fact.

people say to make your own stuff if you don't like elements of official content, but as soon as you diverge people will screenshot or vague you and mock the very thing they told you to do.

i hate saying with my mouth that a couple of the most recent rick and morty episodes have been giving my homestuck vibes/ideas. i hate saying it as much as you hate hearing it with your eyes.

the pq fandub is gonna kick ass, even if the planning for it has been more stress induced than initially wanted.

the idw sonic comics are baller just saying

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