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Can we talk for a moment about how Twitter is a social engineering scam and Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde are evil, evil fucks?

The goal of Twitter is not "social media" but "social accreditation," with the goal being the permanent exile and punishment of anyone who dares to commit speech and/or thought crimes according to the principles of "cancel culture" and "the Woke Left." You can't learn from mistakes if the penalty is eternal banishment from society.

From Oct 1, 2021, you will need a REAL ID-compliant license to fly in the USA

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LAPD is firing rubber bullets at crowds, the cartridges are labeled Combined Tactical Systems. CTS is the primary supplier of crowd control weapons to the israeli defense force.

i think its every two or three times that I rewatch That Thing You Do is the time that i realize that The Bass Player literally never gets named

эвэry cop i haвэ эвэr mэt ıs a hэadass бoth on and off duty

the thing that defines the US as a country is how punitive and spiteful we are. every state can say, "hey, we're releasing anyone currently in jail for non-violent offenses". it's easy. but it won't happen. because we're about sending a message. and that message is, "we are assholes"

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my mom datэd a cop and thэ rэst of thэ family collэctiвэly wэnt "fuck that guy"

My worst nightmares aren't the ones about werewolves and poltergeists, but mundane horrors like the toilet uncontrollably overflowing and my dwelling & belongings being covered in an endless oozing river of foul shit, and I guess that's the best possible metaphor that my subconscious can come up with for the end of civilization as we know it.

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I hate America as much as the next person but what I hate more is the horror that will come crawling from America's rotting corpse. You know, fascism and far-right lunatics eager to install a theocratic junta.

someone said 'the karen community' today and i can't stop thinking about it

Snacks are the common good, the glue that binds us all together.

@thor True. "Be yourself" is utter nonsensical tripe. You decide who and what you are in every moment. There is no objective answer to "who/what are you?" Consider this glass of water. Is it you? Now drink it. Is it you? If yes, you mean that part of what you are is the physical matter of your body. If no, it means you are not your body. So what is the rest of you? Your thoughts, words and deeds. Those things are your only freedoms. You choose all of them, but they have boundaries, limitations.

@a7 @zylaxis @thor I'd rather Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Reddit and Facebook and all other services that primarily distribute user generated content were regulated as common carriers, along with every ISP, and cell phone service provider.

yes i do believe in peaceful protests. like when haiti peacefully protested france and earned their freedom. or when the united states peacefully protested england and earned their freedom. or when the mexicans peacefully protested spain and earned their freedom. or whe

when there were riots in baltimore a few years ago it was discovered in a DEA investigation that cops looted pharmaceuticals while the PD was "standing down" and sold them to drug dealers

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