If there is one thing I have learned from reading the history of philosophy it is this: Time is freedom. An idea that has been forgotten, and has been replaced by a utopia of timelessness: retirement. It is obvious to me, that philosophy has one assignment: To free time from being a burden and combine it with our idea of freedom and possibility. This is a feat that only can be done through historical research.

Why? Because we need to learn to think in time.

My historiography teacher once said: 'Facts are the fix points of history.' Hinting that history is only true if it was connected to certain events.

But, could one ask, isn't it the other way around? That facts are only of interest If they are important dots in a greater narrative that points to something that could be.

"This is what happens, of course, when you first open the entire world of social
and political possibility to a young mind by sending it to college and then tell it to
stop thinking and tidy up already tidy shelves. Parents now feel it is important
that young minds should have this experience." (Bullshitjobs: 102)

Tomorrow I'll be, together with others talking about "Bullshitjobs" in Pizza-Lab Leipzig at 19! Come and participate in the discussion!

The present is a tower that now is so tall, that the past and the future look like a chasm. A chasm one which we gaze with anxiety and reluctance.

To demand directly applicable practical outcomes from philosophy is to demand a meal when you have bought the ingredients without doing the cooking.

Tonight at 19 in Georg-Schwarz-Str. 10 I am giving a talk on the use of history and . In particular the indigenous inheritance in the European Enlightenment.

A new interesting tactic has been adopted by the right-wing in Denmark. Decolonizing the province. First, they of course need to make the narrative that they were colonized in the first place. Here the anti-LGTBQ+ and climate-skepticism come in. "First they took the true danish values, and now they are taking our livelihood." - It seems like the right, in general, are running out of ideas, but not out of steam.

Talking with a carpenter today, wood prices in Germany have mostly doubled. Less affected is 'massivholz', bigger pieces of unworked wood. Birch especially affected, as most came from Russia, and Finland can't supply demand.

That history is written by the victor, as Walter Benjamin would have it, seems to me to be unprecise when we look upon western history. Rather it seems today to be the other way around: The victor is the one who writes the history.

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Have you met us already btw and do you know what Karrot is all about? Here's the opportunity:
Karrot Days next weekend on the 16th & 17th! 🥳 🥕 🤩

Of special interest to people viewing this perhaps is a session about Karrot as a general community organising tool. You're welcome to check out the sessions and join anyone you'd like:

Kanthaus turned 5 today! 5️⃣ 🎂


(Kanthaus is a common house for purposeful project work(ers) that I helped set up and continue to spend a lot of time in, in Germany.)

It's been a ride 🖤

Unlike common belief, history is mainly written to give a future, not preserve a past.


I am giving a talk on David Graeber on Friday the 15th at Georg-Schwarz-Str. 10 Leipzig. 19 o'clock.

Hey, did you read #theDawnOfEverything? or are you familiar with David #Graeber? or do you see the need for fresh historical interpretations and future imaginations?

Talk by @andreastagmose this coming Friday the 15th at 19:00 in #Leipzig, Georg-Schwarz-Straße 10, Eckladen

Detailed event description follows...


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