Top 10 username/password combinations for the last 24 hours.

Honeypot data is showing the majority of attacks are coming from China now...


Wake and bake and then yoga is my weekend guilty pleasure. I am learning I deserve a little time to myself.

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Nothing like waking up at 6:30am on a Saturday for no reason

I tried to explain Mastodon to my partner at dinner. She was totally into it until she heard the word “toot” and couldn’t stop laughing lol

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I look forward to this week all year. Every year there is a last night. Glad I got to see a sunset here. I will try to fill myself with resolve for the weeks ahead, but tonight I’m sad. Sitting by a child’s bed, singing “The Water Is Wide” as I often do.

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You can NAME windows in Brave!!

This is a game changer..

Ok, you can do it in some other browsers, it seems. But not ALL of them!

This is MY game changer! I'm taking my toys and going home!

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Stayed in a hotel last night. Maybe 50 rooms at most. The Wifi subnet was
Yes. A single subnet with 16 million addresses worth of IP space.

Now, I wouldn't mind, except that my work server (at the other end of a VPN) is also on a 10.* address, making it essentially unroutable.

Long story short, I learned to use the route command in macOS (really close to the linux version I already knew, but subtly different).

I got it working, but no muggle would have stood a chance.

Such a busy end to a stressful week, I missed 420… on a Friday. Adulting sucks.

Made it to see another Friday. It was a journey this week, glad to be here.

Left my laptop in the other room and now there is a warm fluffy cat on me… send help

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Nobody's petting her! Nobody's looking at her! She's just laying there making happy sounds like a god damned pervert

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