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Sending kids Hogwarts letters would be when a thing that can never be justified. Plz anything but that!

ah yes

now i am able to move to my new account

all you followers will be following my new account after the automated migration! ain't that neat?

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Children can have critical thinking abilities too and they're not just inhuman animals until the moment they turn 18.

Maybe it's time to migrate to my new account now

My encounter with two people on instance of primarily 'libertarians' (quodverum) 

One person: you are probably flaming cause you're saying you're a socialist anarchist

Other person: I believe all opinions should be heard

Such conflicting ideologies. And which opinion is actually libertarian? I'd say the second one.

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I spent $50 on it, plus a $29.99 trackball is a pretty damn nice and clean so I can setup XMPP again wee

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humans: we will give you shelter and food if you kill pests
cats: sounds good
cats: *actually sleeps all day like a boss*
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Making up for the shortcomings of the english language for expressing lesson poetry by directly translating elegiac couplets into esperanto

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Year my family got Internet access at home: circa 2011
Year my family got broadband: circa 2012
When I started playing Minecraft: August 2015
When I got Minecraft: Java Edition: February 1, 2016
When I uploaded my first video: around March 11, 2016
When my YouTube channel peaked: August 2017
When I started using GNU/Linux: September 2018
When it was copyright striked: January 2019, the same time I made my new channel
When I tooted this: 23 March, 2020

Using KDENlive for my school project and it is working great :)

I feel concerned for my father, he shouldn't believe everything he sees

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Father: watch this video it will explain why radioactivity has to do with your sickness. It gets taken down everywhere it's uploaded.
Video: "pandemics pop up because of new electromagnetic advancements ... so that might be why coronavirus is infecting the world - 5G"

Well, obviously it gets taken down because it is conspiracy theory crap and not real evidence

what the heck

every time i lose in sonic mania i use cheat engine to get my life back

and then, it works like an emulator save state...

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